The conference will take place on April 11th-15th, 2022.

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Periods, Motives and Differential Equations: between Arithmetic and Geometry

Periods occur in various branches of mathematics and as the title of our conference indicates, their study intertwines arithmetic, Diophantine analysis, differential equations, and algebraic geometry. Many interesting results have been proved in recent years and many challenging problems on periods are still open. The aim of our conference is to bring together specialists who cover all these different points of view and their ramifications, with special attention towards possible applications to broader areas of the techniques developed in the study of periods and their realizations.

Yves André has contributed in many ways to this ongoing adventure and this conference will not only be the opportunity to listen to a broad range of recent developments in mathematics around the topic of periods, but also to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Download the poster of the conference (old version from 2020!) 


Photo Vincent Montcorgé



Institut Henri Poincaré,

from April 11th to April 15th, 2022

(initially planned in April 2020, and rescheduled because of the sanitary crisis). 





Registrations will open in December 2022.

Scientific Committee 

Francesco Baldassarri (Università di Padova), Daniel Bertrand (Sorbonne Université), Hélène Esnault (Freie Universität Berlin), Bruno Kahn (Sorbonne Université, CNRS), Umberto Zannier (Scuola Normale di Pisa)

Organizing Committee

Bruno R. Chiarellotto (Università di Padova), Lucia Di Vizio (Université de Versailles, CNRS), Emmanuel Lepage (Sorbonne Université), Christian Liedtke (Technische Universität München)

SCHEDULE (as planned in April 2020. It will probably change, depending on speakers'  availibilities)






9:15-90:30 : 

Discours d'accueil

9:30-10:30 : 

Peter Scholze (Universität Bonn), Analytic Geometry  

11:00-12:00 : 

Bhargav Bhatt (University of Michigan)

9:30-10:30 : 

Joseph Ayoub  (University of Zurich), Anabelian representations of the motivic Galois group

11:00-12:00 : 

Peter O'Sullivan  (Australian National University), Motives, groups and vector bundles

9:30-10:30 : 

Javier Fresán  (École polytechnique), E-functions and geometry

11:00-12:00 : 

* Tanguy Rivoal (Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS), E-functions and G-functions: old and new

9:30-10:30 : 

François Loeser (Sorbonne Université), Limits of complex integrals

11:00-12:00 : 

* Nobuo Tsuzuki (Tohoku University), Generic bounded solutions and maximal slope quotients of overconvergent F-isocrystals on curves

9:00-10:00 : 

* Jonathan Pila (University of Oxford)

10:10-11:10 : 

Pietro Corvaja (Università degli studi di Udine), Rational and holomorphic sections of abelian schemes

11:40-12:40 : 

Bas Edixhoven (Leiden Universiteit), Yves André, and the torsor of Poincaré

14:30-15:30 : 

Luc Illusie (Université Paris Sud-Orsay), Remarks on liftings mod p² and the Nygaard filtration

16:00-17:00 : 

Frans Oort (Utrecht University), The Hecke Orbit conjecture

14:30-15:30 : 

Anna Cadoret (Sorbonne Université), Tannakian Cebotarev density Theorem for local systems

16:00-17:00 : 

Julien Roques  (Université de Lyon 1), Hypergeometric mirror maps


14:30-15:30 : 

* Viktoria Heu (Université de Strasbourg), The Riemann-Hilbert mapping in genus two

16:00-17:00 : 


 * : to be confirmed. 


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